The man who made MERCURI a world leader - Curt Abrahamsson and MERCURI International

Björn Edsta

Curt Abrahamsson. Who is that? Never heard of him?” This is
the beginning of an article by journalist Karl-Erik Sveiby in the
magazine Ledarskap in spring 1991.
“Remember the name,” he wrote. “He will eventually rank as one
of Sweden’s greatest entrepreneurs during the postwar period.”
It has now been over 20 years since that article was written and
Mercuri is still a world leader. Yet Curt Abrahamsson is just as
anonymous.Karl-Erik Sveiby, currently Professor in Knowledge Management
at Hanken, the Swedish School of Economics and Business
Administration in Helsinki, still considers Curt Abrahamsson to
be among Sweden’s greatest entrepreneurs in the knowledge business.
“But he saw no value at all in promoting himself.”
Curt Abrahamsson spent 40 years building Mercuri International
into a world leader in sales training and consulting. He was a
strong leader, but never told employees what to do. Yet they all
knew what he expected.This book is about his successful leadership and how he developed
new sales models that many major multinationals still use.